(July 9, 2024) Industry wide, only 8% of cinematographers are women, BIPOC represented even less. The goal is to  remove barriers and increase access to the film and television industry for underrepresented communities.  As explained in the 2024 report on the initiative, The Paul Bronfman Mentorship program pairs a Mentor with a Mentee for a 12-month mentorship involving in-person or online meetings, set visits, feedback on the mentee’s work, discussion of techniques, career advice, invitations to location scouts, technical tests, colour grading sessions, and any number of other opportunities that the mentors may be able to offer. Given the demographic make-up of the industry, the mentors are predominantly white men, but trends identified in 2023 continue to hold in 2024 and become more prominent, with the  highlights including:

•The vast majority continue to be male (84% in 2024; 84% in 2023)
•The percentage of BIPOC mentors increased to 32% of all mentors in 2024 from 25% of all Mentors in 2023
•75% of Mentees identified as BIPOC in 2024, an increase from 63% of all Mentees in 2023

One element to take note of, however, is that the number of female-identified Mentees decreased to 26% of all Mentees in 2024 from 38% of all Mentees in 2023.

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